My name is Mateo Arceneaux and I am a recent graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design.

I have always loved creating and exploring characters and environments - especially bright, colorful, stylized ones! I love becoming immersed in such fun and exciting worlds. In school I really wanted to focus on refining my design skills and honing my digital and traditional skills.I am particularly interested in digital painting and visual development work as well as hand-painting textures for 3D models. I get so much joy out of this process and it fascinates me how incredibly powerful painted images and characters can be! 

I am hoping to pursue a career that allows me to continue to develop my painting and texturing skills and for the opportunity to work with fantastic environments, characters, and stories. 




When I'm not on the job I enjoy gardening, cooking, going on adventures, spending time with my friends, baking so much bread, hiking, crossing swords (and wearing armor) at renaissance festivals, and relaxing at the river or the beach!

I really love spending time with people close to me and being outside. I feel really lucky to live somewhere so close to my friends and where there are so many opportunities to be active and spend time out in nature.